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Parisiennes Honey,
natural and urban

Branding, Webdesign, Packaging

The flourished identity made for this little parisian honey brand is a celebration of life and natural beauty.

The brief

Claire Marie produces fine honey in Paris thanks to her beloved bees. She wanted to share her production but she had no clue where to start with. Everything had to be built from scratch: naming, storytelling, art direction and product positioning.


The market was very crowded, so we went with a punchy design: vivid colors, flourish-based pattern and a blooming design which is a tribute to the raw material of the honey — flowers themselves.

Every honey is named after a park in Paris, according to its flavours.
So Monceau, Bagatelle and Tuilleries — each is a composition of flowers and flavors which make every honey unique and truly Parisian.

The crowdfunding

In order to support the project, a crowdfunding campaign has been launched.

To promote the campaign, a landing page was made: called "sponsor a bee", it added an emotional dimention to the project. Anytime a supporter made a donation, the amount was converted towards sponsoring a number of bees.


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